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Posted on October 5, 2010 at 1:57 PM Comments comments (1)

Finished the two FR figures that I've been working on.  All based and photographed, just need to get them onto the computer and Photoshopped.  I tried a slightly simpler approach to these two and experimented with the colours used.  Not turned out too bad and my old eyes even managed a few frills and rank stripes!  I'll get them onto the site as and when I can.

I also prepped and primed Perry's Colbert.  He is going to be quite a challenge!  The pose and anatomy look really good but the detail is quite hit and miss.  Especially the face, really quite poor and I already have doubts about being able to get a good bit of definition on it.  I even had to try and sculpt his eyes a wee bit....the nose is pretty non-descript aswell.  So it will be on with the even stronger Optivisor lenses for him!  He should prove interesting though, and overall a nice little figure and in a uniform I have always liked.  A lots of lovely gold lace all over him, very fiddly and challenging.  Once I get the face done and out the way I'm sure that I'll enjoy him.  He won't be quick though and may take quite a bit of time to complete. 

I nearly always use Dalor Rowney Series 77 brushes but the other day thought that I would buy a Games Workshop brush.  Tried it out and utter rubbish!!  No substance to the darn thing, all floppy and totally useless for everything.....even tried using it for washes.  After 30 mins of trying to find a use for it I did what I always do with old brushes....snapped the head off it and relegated it to the stirring stick pile!!  Never again!  HB


Posted on September 27, 2010 at 9:27 PM Comments comments (0)

.........not to buy anymore figures as I have hundreds waiting to be painted, I find this awsome and inspiring paintjob on a fantastic figure......


That is wonderful painting on a terrific Tom Meir 40mm sculpt.  I realy need to get myself some of his figures.  Congratulations Oniria on a great job.

Very close to finishing the latest figure so hopefully I can get something posted early next week.  It will be FR Guard voltigeur NCO and a Guard fusilier- grenadier NCO.  They were both practice pieces to get my eyes back into painting again.  Also used them as a testing ground for the FolkArt paints and a simpler painting style. Reasonably pleased with them and I have now stopped sulking about my failing's only affecting a hobby and isn't important in the big scheme of things.  My figures still look ok when held in the hand.  Optivisor and camera show up the flaws but what the hell!

Next up will probably be the Perry Colbert figure, he seems to be shouting at me the loudest at present.  Nice looking figure, plenty of movement in it.

Now, off to Thunderbolt Mountain website to see those FIW figures!  HB


Posted on September 26, 2010 at 9:38 AM Comments comments (0)

I always enjoy searching around on the internet for images of painted figures to help give me tips, ideas and inspiration.  I recently rediscovered the site of Javiko and just love the vibrancy of his colours.  There is a link to his site on the links page.

I was particularly impressed with these hussars.

Hussars  Oh dear, the pictures gone!!

In particular I really like the way he has done the officers saddlecloth, the creases are really eyecatching and stand out.  I may just have to have a go at this method.

It is also one of my favourite hussar uniforms of the period.  I have painted it once myself as part of the Napoleon and Staff group by Perry

Staff Group

Now that I have the Perry plastic hussars set I will definately do another.....and several other different regiments!  The joy of the Perry box is the seperate head variants which really suits someone like me who paints single figures. Different shako's and mirlitons mean that several eras can be covered.  So I'm thinking Garde D'Honneur, numerous line regiments, 18th many possibilities. HB



Posted on September 25, 2010 at 3:14 AM Comments comments (0)

Recently received a small order from the Perry wizards and as I wanted to mix them with some Foundry figures I was having a little play.  I was a bit surprised to note that Foundry are quite a bit smaller than the Perrys.  I thought that I would have noticed this previously but failed to do so.  Also the Perry one piece castings are quite a bit bigger than their two piece figures.  I got the new Perry lancer command set as I wanted the Colbert figure.  He is a lovely sculpt but the usual huge amounts of flash spoil him a bit and he has quite a large hole in his forehead that will need filling.  The Perry figures do lose quite a bit of detail in the casting process unfortunately as they really do look anatomically correct, nice and slim and they have some excellent poses.  Now if they could retain the good bits of their figures and achieve the detail of Front Rank then they would be the best figures on the market.....for what my opinion is worth!!!

I also got the Napoleon and staff mounted set.  I will do the mameluke orderly as a one of the guard mamelukes and not Roustan or Ali.  I'll just stick a moustache on him I think.

I also note that the plastic heavy cavalry figures appear rather small too.  The horses are really very good, plenty of detail and the poses are excellent.The detail isn't as good as on the plastic hussars either.  Still look pretty good though and I look forward to future releases by them.

 Bloody Freewebs hasn't sorted out the gallery problem!  There always seems to be something wrong with the site.  If it doesn't get sorted soon I may just have to change to another provider.  I know it's a free website at present...well almost, I pay a little something for seeing who is making contact with the site.....but the problem has been there a couple of weeks now.  Don't know if I will find the time to switch to another provider though.  I'll see how it goes for a little longer.

I hope to make a start on the next figure soon, the FR guard bloke....just need to decide exactly which guard uniform to paint.  And then I reckon it will be the Pery Colbert figure.....great pose and hopefully the detail will be more clear when he is undercoated.  HB

A Good Painting Session....

Posted on September 20, 2010 at 9:38 PM Comments comments (3)

......which makes a nice change!  Managed a few hours on the Guard Voltigeur and am a little happier with the progress.  Started off a little frustrated as I struggled with the fine details such as epaullettes.  However things did improve as I worked and he looks reasonably pretty.  Definately my old eyes aren't what they were and did I consider stopping painting all together.

 I gave myself a bit of a talking to and decided that I should just carry on with it.  Part of the problem is using the Optivisor shows up every little flaw, even more than a close up photograph.  Yet when I look at the figure with just my eyes, they still look pretty good.  I think I may now lean towards "simpler" painting and avoid fiddling too much with the really fine stuff that is only visible with Optivisor and enlarged images.

 Have treat myself to a couple of Perry packs.......Napoleon and Staff mounted and the lancer command group (just because I want the Colbert figure!).  I have always found Perry figures very challenging to paint as I find they don't have a great deal of detail on them.  They may well prove to be a challenge too far for me now, but I just can't resist giving them a go.

 If the Perry's don't arrive before the voltigeur is finished, I'll have a go at another FR Guard figure......think he will be either a Turin Velites or a Fusilier-Grenadier.  Decisions, decisions.


COLOURS AT NEWBURY.......I got there!

Posted on September 12, 2010 at 8:11 PM Comments comments (3)

And had a very enjoyable time too!  Managed to drag my sorry butt out of bed after night shift and get to the show.  Glad I made the effort.

 Entered some bits in the painting competition and was fortunate to take three 1st places and Best Of Show!  And I do mean fortunate.  There were some excellent Warhammer 40k entries all by the same guy, very high quality stuff indeed.  I thought that he may have swept the board as the entries were very detailed and showed some great paint skills.  They were very large pieces........Ork bike thingy, drop ship with some Chaos(?) marines and a big Tyranid beastie, maybe it was a carnifax.  I am the first to admit that my entries may not have been everyones obvious favourite but the judges seem to like them and I'm certainly not complaining!  The 40K stuff had some cracking weathering on them and lots of added bits.  Maybe the fine detailing on Henry just tipped it in my favour.  He looked tiny next to the GW stuff!

 My entries were:-

 Single Foot Figure - Henry VIII

Vignette - Berdan Sharpshooters

Fantasy Group - High Elf Lords

 Henry took Best Of Show...........and the Austrian hussar officer trailed in wheezing and panting in 3rd in Single Mounted!  Not many entries really in all the categories unfortunately

 Excellent days shopping too!  Perry plastic hussars and heavy cavalry, the Ney set and they threw in a couple of general officers for free!  Two packs of Empress Miniatures Zulu war auxilary mounted troops, two hover bike thingies with pretty girlie riders by Antenocetti (excellent looking figures) , Eureka Queen Victoria, some bases and three Osprey titles....Napoleons Guard Infantry vol. 2, Auxiliary Troops Of the Zulu War (well I just had to, didn't I?!) and a brief account of the Iran/Iraq war.  An egg and cress sandwich, two cups of coffee and that's about it I think. Oh, a single Foundry Crimean War Highland drummer!

 There didn't seem to be as many people at the show as in previous years, maybe the recession is biting the hobby, but it was still a most enjoyable day out.

 Well done Henry!



Posted on September 11, 2010 at 9:24 PM Comments comments (0)

Been a bit naughty tonight and bought a couple of books off Amazon.  Both Ospreys and both by Pawly.....Wellingtons Belgian Allies and Wellingtons Dutch Allies.  I really like the Osprey Men at Arms titles and especially the Napoleonic titles by Mr Pawly and illustrated by Courcelle.  These two titles have been advertised at ridiculous prices for some time now so I was delighted to see them available new and at their normal price!  I couldn't let them slip past me so I duly made the purchase.


Courcelle's illustrations are really very well detailed and inspirational.  When these two tomes arrive I will have all of their Napoleonic titles....and will have to explain to Mrs HB why I have two more uniform reference books!!  Especially coming so close after I got the Rousselot book!  Now this latter book I really do like very much.  Well worth the £55 I paid for it (RRP £85).  You can never have too many uniform reference books :).


Now if I can only find Pawly's Red Lancers book at a reasonable price, I may just have to get that one as it is a very detailed account of this famous regiment of Napoleons Guard. Ooh, maybe I could get it and ask for it to be put aside for Christmas!  Or maybe for my 50th next year.




Posted on September 11, 2010 at 3:34 PM Comments comments (0)

As if I don't have enough paints already (over 500!), I have recently found a company called FolkArt and have had a bit of a dabble with them.  They have good coverage....better than DecoArt......and they come in those nice big pots that last forever!  At about £1.79 each they are much better value than most of the mainstream model paints that are out there ie GW, Cotes D'arms, Vallejo, Foundry etc.

So far I have had a go with the blues and they seem pretty effective.  The range covers most of the main colours in some detail including a flesh shade.  Still can't find a replacement for GW Snakebite Leather though!


They are made in America and I found them here in the UK in the Hobbycraft store, so they should be accessable to anyone who wishes to give them a go.  I will be trying some of their reds on my latest subject soon and hopefully they will turn out ok.  I have tried many reds but always go back to GW shades as I prefer them and find them easy to use, nice and bright.


The figure I am working on by the way is a FR French Guard voltigeur, something simple to try and get me back in the swing of things.  A good variety of colours on, red, yellow and hopefully he will be nice and bright.




Posted on September 3, 2010 at 8:06 PM Comments comments (4)

Three new subjects are up for viewing in the Napoleonic gallery!  It has been so long since I did anything....February I think.  I hope you like what you see, feel free to make constructive criticism.


The lancer officer definately shows signs of slack brushwork due to the lengthy lay off, but he had to be finished and posted before I try anything else!  A simple conversion of the FR Guard Officer, quite a troublesome conversion in that I had to re-do the aiglettes with green putty!


Murat was done for Mr Kevin Dallimores' new book about 2 years ago now!  I am flattered and honoured to be considered worthy to be included.  Lots of fiddly bits on this one, some little bits of freehand and my attempt at getting a watered ribbon effect.  I was pleased with the final figure although the tiger skin was a real pain....three attempts in the end!


Ney, sadly didn't make the book.  Shame as I actually was very pleased with a couple of bits on this one.....the blue of his cloack and the buttons in particular.  If I get a few moments I'll be able to post a few WIP shots of him.


Alas, I don't think I will be going to Colours at Newbury again this year.  That will be two years on the trot that I have missed.  It's mainly the shopping that I will regret missing!  And of course the painting competition and the chance to chat with fellow painters.

Getting Closer!

Posted on August 19, 2010 at 8:37 PM Comments comments (6)

Lancer officer all finished and photos taken, now just waiting for some computer time to Photshop him!  What a drag, just no time for anything these days and all very frustrating.  At least hopefully I'll be able to put up a few images what with Ney and Murat still waiting in the wings.


Have been a little extravagant and ordered the Rousselot book as a little treat to myself.  Have always liked the prints and have a meagre two of them, but the chance of getting all of the napoleonic ones in one volume was too hard to resist. A snip at £55.


Been pondering ordering the three Perry French Napoleonic plastic cavalry sets but struggling to justify the expense as I would only want to paint a couple of examples from each box in reality.  Also, I would prefer if the dragoons were from the earlier days of the Empire, I fancy doing a representation of Edourd Detailles painting of the dragoon with the captured standard.  Will probably take the plunge and get all three and see how well they paint up and are suitable for conversion.  I wonder what their next plastic Napoleonic offering will be?


Have undercoated a couple of Front Rank Middle Guard NCOs, I thought a couple of simple infantry figures would be a good idea to practice on to get my eye in again.