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Mameluke Is Missing Something

Posted on November 21, 2010 at 9:37 AM

Had a few more small sessions on the Perry mameluke and he just doesn't seem right to me.  I am happy with the colours that I've used and the standard of painting, the sculpt is quite nice.....but still he isn't filling me with boundless enthusiasm!!  I can't put my finger on it but he is definately lacking something.  Maybe when he is actually finished I'll be a bit happier but it is a strange feeling looking at him and thinking that he just isn't sparking.  I will persevere with him, hopefully with a couple of sessions this week.

Not sure what to do next.  I feel the need to have a go at something a bit different....maybe Lilith Hesporex, the GW Dark Eldar recently released, or perhaps treat myself to the Darksword Steam Punk lady shown below.  They both appear to have excellent faces and I do feel that I havn't managed a decent face for a while now.  I also have a few other non-military figures languishing in the cupboards that should really be attempted one day!

I was talking to someone the other day who asked me how I displayed my figures at home.  Er...well....I don't actually, once finished they get put into a box and put in a cupboard!  Every now and again I'll get a box out and have a little look and away they go again!  I wrap them up in bubble wrap and stack 'em up a bit so there are many figures that havn't seen the light of day for years as I can't be bothered to unwrap and wrap up again!  So why don't I sell some of them?  Firstly, I don't think many people would actually want to buy them and secondly.....I have spent so many hours on them I just don't want to let them go!  I have given a few away to people......the first General Colbert I gave away and now really regret it as I miss him somewhat!.  I was offered a large sum for the Chasseur a Cheval officer by Foundry but declined as he is one of my favorite pieces.

Talking of favourites, my personal favourites aren't always what I consider to be my best painted.  I am very fond of the CaC figure as mentioned, the Perry Napoleon and Staff Group, the Bavarian battalion, General Lasalles, the FR Austrian hussar officer and Bad Fairy.  The High Elf Lords are also well up there for me too, as is Don Hernandez by Degra.  I do have a 70mm demi-bos Red Lancer bust that I really do want to have a go at but lack a bit of confidence in doing him true justice as he is out of my comfort zone, so to speak.  HB

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