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Posted on November 22, 2010 at 8:14 PM

Just when I thought I had managed to earmark myself a couple of painting sessions this week, it all goes Pete Tong!!!!  My six year old son manages to break his foot and I'll have to take care of the poor wee thing all week now instead of him being at school allowing me some brush time!  Bless him, he was as brave as a little trooper throughout our statutory 3 and a half hour visit to the hospital, not a word of complaint.  It just means a little more time will elapse before the mameluke gets some attention.  Oh well, a few more episodes of Star Wars, The Clone Wars won't do me any harm!  We'll cuddle up on the sofa and see how Annakin Skywalker gets on against the bad guys!  No doubt I will also be having a lot of Lego time too!

Have found myself another "must have" figure!  I hadn't really paid much attention to Studio McVey figures simply because I havn't had much idle net surfing time, but when I did pay their site a visit I found a great little futuristic street surfer type gal.  Have linked the site below and go check out the paint job on Al Vianna, simply glorious.


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