Fantasy/Sc-Fi Fantasy/Sc-Fi Games Workshop High Elf Lord Lovely figure to paint and I took quite a bit of time on him. Still plenty of room for improvement but quite pleased with him in the end. Base is by Scibor Monstrous 49765744 Games Workshop High Elf Lord #2 A couple of extra views. The shield is freehand and worked out reaonably well. 49765745 Freebooter Bad Fairy re-photographed An excellent sculpt and one that I really enjoyed painting. She deserved another photo shoot! One of my all time favourite figures and one that I feel is some of my best work. 104473922 Games Workshop High Elf A lovely figure to paint, fine detail and gave me a chance to play around a bit with colours and techniques. I think the characters name is actually Caradryan in the GW lists 25434474 GW High Elf A couple of extra images. I was particularly pleased with his cloak 25435194 Forgeworld Thunderbolt Pilot A resin figure, the first I've painted. An excellent figure with very fine detail. If you can get one I recommend it. A bit pricey though! 23020767 Forgeworld Thunderbolt Pilot I wanted to get a bit more ambitious with my basing. Although quite pleased with the end result there is stillplenty of room for improvement. 23020863 Games Workshop Scout Sniper A great sculpt to paint. The urban camoglage pattern was a bit of an experiment in a sort of dazzle cam and I was pleased with the end result. Base was also bit of a step up from the pretty basic efforts made on Debras' base! Am still learning this dark art! 16839724 Games Workshop Scout Sniper Some close up shots of the sniper. He really was a class sculpt and fun to paint 16839710 Games Workshop Bretonian Sorceress Painted around 1999, a lovely figure to paint and an early attempt at "serious" painting. I was pleased with the flesh tones and the dress. The face isn't so great now that the camera has increased her size! The sword is a lovely emerald green but the pic doesn't show it! I was happy with how she turned out at the time.....still reasonably pleased considering I didn't use an Optivisor. 42891014 Hasslefree Debra Another view of this figure. Wanted to try urban cam....not sure if I got it right, a bit too tiger stripe-like for my liking. Live and learn!! 13774674 Hasslefree Debra Hasslefree are great little figures to paint. Much smaller than my usual figures. The newspaper was added using tin foil and the can is green putty. Not a great pic but hopefully you can see enough of the detail 13774673 Hasslefree Debra I made an attempt to do a bit more of an elaborate base for Debra. Not too bad, but not brilliant. Cone is made out of tin foil, base is made of modelling putty. 14151839 Hasslefree Debra Some close ups of the face 14151848 Hanako Hasslefree 28mm. Lovely figure to paint. I have another one to do some time, I want to improve on the embroidery detail. This one got me Best of Show at Colours 2007. 3942098 Bad Fairy Re-Based Changed her base, looks much better I think. 14152088 Games Workshop Necromunda Think he was classed as Underhive Scum(!) A great figure to paint. Filed his hair off to make him a bit more "well 'ard" One of my all time favorite figures. 14413683 Bad Fairy Freebooter 30mm with converted wings. Another figure that was a real joy to paint and am really please with the skin tones. very unhappy with the base tho and will dismantle her one day and re-base 3942066 Necromunda House Escher Leader Games Workshop figure, and a good opportunity to try a few different shades. Photo lets it down tho, another that I really should re-visit 3942099