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"An hussar who isn't dead by 30 is a blackguard!"



Moving house is getting all my attention at present and a few other problems this year have prevented me doing any painting.  I am hoping that my painting days aren't over completely and that I will be able to resume again in the near future.

Freewebs still seem unable to fix the gallery problem!  However, if you select an image in the gallery, click "slideshow" instead of "full size" and  you will get much larger images.  And if you click on "full screen" when in slideshow you will get REALLY BIG images!

Perry Miniatures General Colbert.  Quite a tricky figure to paint but still enjoyable.  Plenty of detail and movement in the sculpt.  It could have been a classic sculpt like the Foundry Chaseur a Cheval officer (go to bottom of page to see figure I am referring to)  but I feel the face and over large chinstrap spoil an otherwise excellent figure.

Foundry Cuirassier general that I painted about three years ago but has escaped being photgraphed!

Front Rank French Fuslier-Grenadier of the Garde.  A quick practice piece to get my eye back in after a bit of a lay off.

Another Front Rank figure, a Voltigeur of the Garde.

Front Rank Bavarian Schutzen re-photographed.  Some of Front Ranks best figures, the detail is superb.  Now what kind of idiot would paint two tone company tufts on a 28mm figure?!  An idiot like me, clearly.

Front Rank officer of the Imperial Garde Polish Lancers re-photographed and looking a little better I think.

And finally one of my all time personal favourites re-photographed.  Freebooter Bad Fairy, a wonderful figure.

Regular visitors may have noticed that my site has been attacked by spammers recently......some interesting links to porn sites etc!  I hope none of you were offended by these and I sincerely hope that no youngsters found the links before I did!  Unfortunately it means that I have had to make a few changes to the access that people have to the site.  You can no longer comment on images or the blog, nor sign the guestbook unless you are a member.  Also no comments can appear until I have vetted them first......I hope!

I hope that none of this discourages anyone from actually becoming a member.  It is a very quick, simple process....and costs nothing!!  I also get to see if anyone tries to join who simply wants to cause mischief and I can stop them.

I hope that you all understand why I have to resort to these measures and it is all a rather sad reflection on those who have nothing better to do than trawl the net looking to spoil a simple hobby. 

For those of you who have contacted me already, I thank you all for your continuing support.


Fournier can stay on the front page for a little longer.  I worked so hard on the fancy NMM lace and braid that I think it would be a shame to hide him away in the gallery!

Here is a second image of him that hasn't been Photoshopped in any way

And I think I'll leave the High Elf Lord on the home page for a wee bit longer as I like him!



 Thank you



  This is purely a hobby for me and I am not a professional painter.           




Welcome to my gallery.

This small website is purely a means for me to showcase some of my work.  I hope you will browse at your leisure and find something to interest you.  Please feel free to make comments or contact me with any questions you may like to ask.  The site is in its infancy and changes will occur when everyday life gives me a few moments to attend to the site.


I paint predominately 28mm historical figures, with the occasional Sci-Fi/Fantasy piece. You will find one solitary 15mm figure in the Napoleonic gallery but I do intend to do more of this smaller scale at some point to give him some company!



Updates and additions will  be on an irregular basis, but I do hope you will re-visit occasionally to see any new images that I may have posted. 

Please be aware, I am not a professional painter in any shape or form!  I paint for my own pleasure and relaxation only.  I do not accept commissions.




Sgt Ewart at Waterloo capturing the eagle of the 45th                    de Ligne                                      

                                     In Memorium


Born 27.10.1927, died 11.1.2009

Remembering my Dad, a fellow painter, who died on the 11th January 2009 after a long illness.  He has finally found peace and will live forever in the hearts of his family.

I dedicate this site to his memory